level Script 1

In cyber literacy script level 1 introduction to cyber security, why cyber security to students?, what is hacking and ethical hacking?, communities of hackers, hackers and hacking methodology, hacking strategies,window command prompt-based tricks, amazing windows tricks, registry editor, secure file and folders, trace route, gathering basic information using whoislookup, discovering technologies used on the website, info gathering using search engines, info gathering using meta tags & words, info gathering using blog and forums, how phishing works.


2- Window Hacking

3- Information Gathering and Scanning

4- Google Hacking

5- Network Hacking

6- About Attacks

7- Cybercrime and Cyber law

8- Defensive Methods 

level Script 2

In cyber literaly script level 2 you will learn basic overview of kali linux tools, the terminal & linux commandsinfo gathering using scanning, info gathering using spiders, info gathering using web emil hacking andsecurity, how hackers make fake pages, how logger works, social engineering techniquesintroduction to social engineering, malte go basics, golismero, analysing the gathered info & building anattack strategy, backdooring any file type (images, pdf's ...Etc), compiling & changing trojan's icon, spoofing .

1- Linux Basics

2- Information Gathering & Scanning

3- Gaining Access - Client-Side Attacks - Social Engineering

4- Website Hacking

5- Cyber Ethics & Cyber Laws