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Abacus is a Chinese Method of calculation used for calculating basic arithmetic operations. It has now been proven as a complete brain development tool over last two decades. Abacus became popular over the world after being transformed from a calculating instrument into a system having immense power to benefit children from early age by expanding the brain development for making Mathematics learning easy and effective. Abacus helps to improve the Speed & Accuracy, Listening & Observation Skill, Analytical Skill, Self Confidence and Concentration.

Advantages of Abacus are:

  • Build foundation for mathematics.
  • Use of right side of the brain.
  • Improve writing and listening.
  • Visualization and imagination.
  • Develops photographic memory.
  • Problem Solving & Logical Reasoning.

Multiple Methods of Mastering ABACUS are presented in this section

  • Text-Book

    Now Available ABACUS Text-Books series presented by Nava Vision.

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  • Work-Book

    Now Available ABACUS Work-Sheets series presented by Nava Vision.

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  • Correspondence Course

    Distance Education / Correspondence Course in ABACUS by Nava Vidya.

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  • Online Learning

    Online Classroom Videos on ABACUS presented by Nava Vidya.

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  • Preloaded Tablet PC

    Exclusive Preloaded Tablet PC Built by Nava Vision to provide Digitalized Education.

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  • Abacus App

    Exclusive interactive Mobile APP developed by Nava Vision to learn ABACUS.

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