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About Vedic Mathematics

“Vedoakhilo dharma-mulam", which means Vedas are the root of all dharmas. The Sanskrit word “Veda” means “knowledge”. In ancient India, mathematics was known by the general name “Ganita” Sastra, which included arithmetic, geometry, algebra, astronomy and astrology.

In the field of mathematics, ancient Indians made three distinct contributions:

  • The Notation System
  • The Decimal System
  • The use of Zero

This system was rediscovered by Bharati Krishna Tirtha, which is based on sixteen formulae (or Sutras) and thirteen sub-formulae (sub-Sutras). These Sutras can be related to natural mental functions such as completing a whole, noticing analogies, generalization and so on. It has been found that Vedic Mathematics will drastically enhance the computational skill-set of the students. It is not only teaching various shortcut techniques, but also enables faster calculation.

Unlike the Mathematics that is taught in schools which has only 'one way' to solve a particular problem, Vedic Mathematics shows different ways to solve the same problem. The techniques work in a fantastic way which appears to be magic at the first glance. Also, it has been found that it is a good tool for competitive exams.

Several advantages of Vedic Mathematics are:

  • Removes the fear of Mathematics.
  • Enables 10 times faster calculations when compared to the conventional method.
  • Plays an important role in increasing concentration as well as improving confidence.
  • Vedic Mathematics provides 10 times faster calculations compared to the regular Mathematical approach.
  • Encourages mental calculations.
  • Introduces creativity and intelligence in students.
  • Enriches our understanding of Mathematics and enables us to see links and continuity between different branches of Mathematics.
  • Vedic Mathematics system also gives us an opportunity to cross check the methods using a set of verification procedures.

The Sutras are applied to almost every branch of Mathematics.

Multiple Methods of Mastering Vedic Mathematics are presented in this section

  • Text-Book

    Available Vedic Mathematics Text-Books series presented by Nava Vision.

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  • Work-Book

    Available Vedic Mathematics Work-Sheets series presented by Nava Vision.

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  • Correspondence Course

    Distance Education / Correspondence Course in Vedic Mathematics presented by Nava Vidya.

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  • Online Learning

    Online Classroom Videos in Vedic Mathematics presented by Nava Vidya.

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  • Preloaded Tablet PC

    Exclusive Preloaded Tablet PC Built by Nava Vision to provide Digitalized Education.

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  • Vedic Mathematics App

    Exclusive interactive Mobile APP developed by Nava Vision to learn Vedic Mathematics

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