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About Quick Math

“Learning techniques" on how to perform Mathematical calculations quickly helps in developing greater confidence in Mathematics, improves Math skills and helps in understanding advanced courses and excel them. Once these techniques are mastered, students should be able to accurately and confidently solve Math’s problems that they once feared solving.

Advantages of Quick Math are:

  • Speed and accuracy.
  • Improves confidence.
  • Saves time during competitive examination.
  • While cross-checking answers, Quick Math can be used as alternate method to rectify mistakes.
  • Zero error technique, due to relative memory methods.
  • It can be used to calculate complex problems easily.
  • Can be used for general routine trade in everyday life without using calculators.
  • Short procedures used make the child to get more interest in the subject.

Multiple Methods of Mastering Quick Math are presented in this section

  • Text-Book

    Now Available QUICK MATH Text-Books series presented by Nava Vision.    

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  • Work-Book

    Now Available QUICK MATH Work-Sheets series presented by Nava Vision.

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  • Correspondence Course

    Distance Education / Correspondence Course in QUICK MATH presented by Nava Vidya.

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  • Online Learning

    Classroom Teaching Videos on QUICK MATH presented by Nava Vidya.

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  • Preloaded Tablet PC

    Exclusive Preloaded Tablet PC Built by Nava Vision to provide Digitalized Education.

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  • Quick Math App

    Exclusive interactive Mobile APP developed by Nava Vision to learn QUICK MATH.

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